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At MedAll, we believe that being a great doctor shouldn't be defined by your ability to pay for expensive question banks and other subscriptions. That's why we've made our Early Access question banks free for everyone, everywhere.


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Challenging board-style questions in high yield topics.


100s free Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment practise questions.

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Revise core knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Medical School Finals Exams

Prepare for your finals with challenging questions.

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How our Question Banks work

As an alternative to expensive subscription fees, we ask our global healthcare community to make a small contribution by peer-reviewing some questions.

1 - For every 10 questions you answer, we ask you to peer-review 1 question with one-click.

2 - When a question is rated highly enough by our community and our trusted medics it gets added to the bank.

3 - As the community grows, more questions are peer-reviewed and added. The question bank gets better and better.

4 - Our continual peer-review process ensures that our questions are the best and most challenging out there.


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✅ Seamless learning from question banks to teaching sessions

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USMLE question bank and free teaching sessions

Reducing the cost of great medical education

Our goal is to not just build software, but to build a platform and a community that enables and empowers each other to learn. 150,000 medics already learn for free with MedAll daily. We started with free online teaching sessions, enabling thousands of incredible organisation to run free global teaching sessions, and are now raising the accessibility bar in questions banks.

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FAQs: Question Bank

What is the best way to prepare for medical exams?

Start with a structured study plan and use resources like Question Banks. If it has been some time since you last did an exam, you may want time to revisit common exam techniques and revision methods to increase your chance of success. Start by using question banks for 5 minutes a day and gradually increase your study time as the exam approaches. Prioritize understanding concepts over memorization by watching teaching sessions for areas where you have knowledge gaps. Alongside studying, it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and manage stress to optimize your performance on test day.

When should I start preparing for my medical exams?

This will depend on the exam. For USMLE you will want to start studying while you are in medical school, for MSRA 2-3 months may be enough. The exact timing may vary based on your individual study pace and school curriculum.

How can question banks help me prepare for my medical exams?

Question banks are a vital part of medical exam preparation. They simulate exam conditions so they help you practice time management. They reinforce concepts, reveal weak areas, and provide detailed explanations. This will help enhance both your understanding and your test-taking skills, making them a cornerstone of effective preparation.

Will your question bank always be free?

At MedAll we strongly advocate for accessible healthcare training for everyone. We have made our Early Access question bank free to access and are exploring options to allow it to be free forever.

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