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Find training sessions from hundreds of organisations.

Find and register for healthcare courses, conferences, workshops, webinars and sessions using our Discover Events tool.

Open Access Workplace Based Assessments

Make your experience count: open access digital Case Based Discussions, Mini-CEX, Direct Observation of Procedural Skills

Store your certficates: one place, forever

Fed up changing where you store the evidence for your portfolio? Store certificates from Courses, Conference and Presentations in MedAll: one place forever.

Collect Teaching, Patient and Multi-Source Feedback

Collect and manage your digital Multi-Source-Feedback/Team Assessment of Behaviour (360), Teaching and Patient feedback in a single place.

Procedural and Case Logbooks

Finally, a digital logbook that is nice to use. We help you collect your procedural/operation history, get it signed off by supervisors easily, and see a summary quickly.

For organisations running events:
Social poster halls.
Automated certificates.
Live or on-demand.

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Some nice things MedAll users have said...

I use MedAll to log evidence of new clinical opportunities and skills that I am developing during my year as a Clinical Fellow. It's intuitive, professional and much more user-friendly then platforms I have used previously.

Dr Lauren Sleep - Clinical Fellow, Borders General Hospital, UK

I love how MedAll's teaching feedback tool increases the efficiency and slickness of gathering online feedback, reducing it to a few clicks and automating its analysis and certification. Goodbye Google Forms!

Ed Whittaker - Medical Student, University of Edinburgh, UK

MedAll is user friendly. It helps me keep an organised portfolio during my time out of training. It is a great way to prepare for applications and to keep a record of what I've done with my year.

Dr Babak Barzi - Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Teaching Fellow

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Discover Healthcare Events

Automatically organise all your certificates.

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Collect Teaching Feedback. Automatically offer attendance certificates.

Workplace Based Assessments. Accessible to everyone.

Don't have an e-portfolio? We've got you covered: Case-Based-Discussions, MiniCEX, DOPS, Multi-Source Feedback. Read More

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A Beautiful Procedural and Case Logbook.

Multi-Source Feedback.
Made Easy.

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A portfolio for students and professionals in every healthcare discipline.

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It's free for all healthcare professionals and students.

Are you a healthcare training organisation?

We provide all the tools you need to run your organisation and train your staff digitally help you digitise your curriculum, logbooks, automate certificates, organise your training content, build poster halls for events and build custom workplace based assessments. It helps your healthcare staff to do less admin and focus on what they do best: caring for patients.