Making healthcare training globally accessible.

The world needs millions more healthcare professionals. But we face “grave deficiencies” in our healthcare training capacity. Even worse- training opportunities are often limited based on where you live, how much you can afford to travel or who you know. What if we could raise the bar for everyone - and make great healthcare training accessible - for every healthcare professional, everywhere? That’s our goal at MedAll.

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Our vision is of a planet with enough well-trained healthcare professionals.

👋 Who we are

MedAll is a global healthcare education community - our product helps wonderful healthcare organisations to make their healthcare education more accessible to colleagues - whether they live in a rural town or the city centre, whether they live in a low income country or a high income country. It means every clinician - everywhere - has the same opportunity to learn and stay up to date.

🚀 Our mission

We’re on a mission to train millions more healthcare professionals. We are driven to raise the bar in accessible healthcare training: in low, middle and high income countries. We’re focused on building a platform and community that enables healthcare organisations everywhere to deliver - and share - their medical education sessions virtually, hybrid, and on-demand so colleagues everywhere can learn.

💡Our vision

Having enough highly-trained healthcare professionals is a fundamental requirement in every society. By activating, empowering and enabling a global healthcare education community, our vision is of a planet where every community has enough well-trained healthcare professionals. It means patients in local and global communities get the care they deserve.

Key impact metrics

🩺 We need to train 18 million more healthcare professionals

The demand for well trained healthcare professionals continues to increase. The World Health Organization estimates that the world needs 18 million more healthcare professionals by 2030.

🏥 There 5 times fewer training institutions in low income countries

We face “grave deficiencies” in our healthcare training capacity: in low, middle and high income countries. Low income countries have five times fewer training institutions than other regions in the world. In fact, there are 11 countries on the continent of Africa without a single medical school.

🌀 Training costs are spiralling amid a cost of living crisis

In high income countries medical students are graduating with up to $200k of debt and specialty doctors are paying up to $90k of out-of-pocket training costs. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent on courses and conferences along with their associated travel costs. Amid a cost-of-living crisis, even in high income countries these costs limit the best training to those who have the greatest ability to pay or travel.

🎯 Technology has the power to unlock accessibility

MedAll’s expansion is focused on enabling global education- this includes low, middle and high income countries. By 2023, our target is to make regular medical education sessions available for colleagues in 95% of World Bank Low and Middle Income countries. In high income countries, our target is to ensure at least 75% of courses and conferences are made accessible to those who may not be able to travel: for whatever reason.

🌏 Making a global impact

MedAll is building a scalable platform that can train millions of healthcare professionals. By 2027, our target is to provide accessible healthcare training to 4 million healthcare professionals around the world.

The MedAll action plan

If the world is to train millions more healthcare professionals the entire healthcare community must be a key part of that plan. Our goal is not just to build software. We are building tools, guides, a platform and a community that enables and empowers wonderful healthcare educators to deliver medical education at a scale never-before-imaginable. Only by working together can we solve this problem.


👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 MedAll for everyone

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make great training within reach of everyone: regardless of where they live, how much money they have, who they know or their ability to travel. We are committed to building tools that help wonderful organisations make immersive and high quality training accessible to colleagues everywhere: in low, middle and high income countries.

🚀 MedAll Community

We love the healthcare community. We love being part of the community. We love helping to build this community further. Only by working together as a global healthcare community can we raise the bar in healthcare education for every colleague. We’re so committed to building community that we have a dedicated community team. We don’t only provide software. We help organisations grow their community and include others to their events. We support this community with advice, tips and experience. We empower this community with training.

🤲 MedAll Open Access

We put our money where our mouth is. What’s the point in us saying “finances limit accessibility” and then charging a fortune for our platform for those running free and open access events? If we are to make healthcare training truly accessible, we can’t be a barrier.

It’s why we made the significant commitment to make our software free for organisations who are running free and open access events.

It’s also why we’ve worked our socks off so that you can host thousands of attendees in each MedAll event, without having to worry about attendance limits. It means you can make your event accessible and invite thousands of global colleagues without having to worry about licence fees or caps on your ticket numbers.

🌏 MedAll Fair Medical Education

If we talk the talk, we must walk the walk. In 2022 we introduced MedAll’s “Fair Medical Education” scheme. It is a significant investment from us and it makes it easy for healthcare organisations to offer free event tickets to colleagues in Low and Middle Income Countries.

It means if an organisation is running an event with paid-for tickets, they can easily and automatically make free tickets available to colleagues in Low or Middle Income Countries to attend virtually. It means organisations can continue to welcome colleagues from across the world at their courses, conferences and events. And it makes it easy and achievable for organisations of every size to do so - with no admin overhead. We don’t charge for the scheme and we place no limits on the number of tickets awarded under the scheme.

🏫 MedAll for Organisations

A huge problem is solved by tackling many smaller problems.

If we can help organisations to save time, energy and resources by solving painful day-to-day problems, we can free up their resources and time so it can be reallocated to making their healthcare training and events more accessible.

We know the pain of setting up healthcare events. A horrorshow of emails + eventbrite + zoom + feedback forms + certificate templates + youtube for catch up content: its time and energy down the drain for healthcare organisations. It's why our tools automate healthcare event organising: end-to-end. We make it easy to invite global colleagues to live events. And we make sharing catch up content with the healthcare community a breeze.

Less faff for organisations means they have more time to focus on delivering more amazing healthcare education


Our core values

Each of these values is at the heart of what we do.


💪 We take action

We believe in action - not just words. Solving a big problem needs a can-do attitude. We move the needle. We execute and we deliver. It means we are a steadfast and reliable partner to organisations and healthcare colleagues.

🤝 We believe in collaboration

Organisations do an amazing job in delivering top-class education. We know many want to make their medical education more accessible, and they just need better tools. Our job is building those tools - and we celebrate the amazing organisations who deliver the education. This is teamwork.

🌈 We unlock opportunity - for everyone

Affordability, ability to travel, caring responsibilities and personal illness are barriers that exist everywhere. In seeking to make training opportunities accessible we believe in raising the bar for everyone: regardless of socio-economic status, gender, nationality, physical ability, or any other barrier. We believe that technology has the power to increase access to better training opportunities for colleagues everywhere.

💌 We believe there should be no second-class citizens

Making events more accessible doesn’t mean providing a substandard virtual option. We believe in inspiring, interactive, energizing, professional and immersive events: whether you are attending online or in person. And if it's hybrid, we believe in person and virtual delegates should feel like one group and receive an equally high quality experience.

🛟 We build trust

We believe that a virtual healthcare community should be one based on trust. That means that organisations and colleagues can trust us. It means that organisations can trust their attendees. It means attendees can trust the organisations and speakers delivering training. We prioritise this in our tools and we promote a healthy and safe community.

Ready to join the mission?