Build a free mini-app for your Hospital Department

Add guidelines, rotas, pager/bleep numbers, teaching sessions, patient leaflets and more to your private and fully customisable mini-app.


What is a MedAll mini-app?

A MedAll mini-app is a private and fully customisable place for your hospital department on MedAll. Add guidelines, rotas, pager/bleep numbers, teaching sessions, patient leaflets and more, completely free. You can run your weekly teaching and have online discussions. It’s just like your very own app for your department, with everything all in on place and mobile notifications straight to your teams’ phones.

Everything your hospital department team needs, all in one place


Get junior doctors & new nurses up to speed quickly

Take the pressure of induction off your department. Share everything from hospital maps to induction guides to weekly teaching to bleep numbers. New starters have everything they need, all in one place.


Instantly share patient information leaflets

No more searching for the right leaflets only to find the printer isn’t working. Again. Store all your patient information leaflets digitally in one place. Patients simply scan a QR code and get the right leaflet sent instantly to their phone.


A single place for guidelines, rotas and more

With unlimited file storage — for everything from guidelines to teaching to rotas to bleep numbers to patient information leaflets — your team can easily access all the important information and resources for your hospital department.


Keep team members up to date with mobile notifications

No more missed emails or messy WhatsApp groups. Automatically keep your department up to date with Notifications straight to their phones – from new rotas to updated guidelines to new weekly teaching sessions.


Run your weekly teaching more efficiently

Deliver your weekly teaching to your hospital department online. Easily share the recordings afterwards with slides and further resources to keep your team up to date.


Share ideas, collaborate and discuss important topics

Threads allows you to create online discussions around topics that are important to your department - from interesting cases to shift swaps.

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