Collect feedback on any healthcare event or teaching session.

Design your own feedback form, or use one of our suggested forms. Collect feedback easily. Get a summary of your feedback in seconds. Offer delegates certificates: automatically.

Oh - and we also have Workplace based assessments, a procedural logbook, multi-source feedback, a digital certificate portfolio and CPD tool.

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Beautifully flexible feedback forms.

Our forms have been used at international conferences for thousands of delegates. And they’ve been used at 2 person bedside teaching sessions. And everything in between.

No more paper forms.

Collect teaching feedback using nice-to-use forms built perfectly for mobile and desktop. Designed for busy medics on the move.

Attendance certificates: automated.

Attendees can automatically receive a PDF certificate of attendance when they complete their feedback form. If they have a MedAll account our tool can automatically organise it in their portfolio.

No time to design questions? We have some: ready to go.

We have written best-practice questions for you. Start collecting feedback for a teaching session with 2 clicks.

Or ask your own questions.

Create your own questions: add star ratings, free-text, labels, drop downs, drop downs with associated free text (perfect for concurrent breakout session feedback).

Distribute your form: in a way that works for you.

Online teaching? Share a link. Face-to-face teaching? Assign a keyword to your session and delegates enter it at Want one-time links? Enter emails on our tool and it will send them to attendees.

Summaries of the feedback for your portfolio.

See a summary of feedback, get it digitally “signed off” by your supervisor if that’s important for you, and get a PDF summary for your portfolio.

Some nice things MedAll users have said...

I love how MedAll's teaching feedback tool increases the efficiency and slickness of gathering online feedback, reducing it to a few clicks and automating its analysis and certification. Goodbye Google Forms!

Ed Whittaker - Medical Student, University of Edinburgh, UK

I use MedAll to log evidence of new clinical opportunities and skills that I am developing during my year as a Clinical Fellow. It's intuitive, professional and much more user-friendly then platforms I have used previously.

Dr Lauren Sleep - Clinical Fellow, Borders General Hospital, UK

We've got more than just feedback and certificates...

Your healthcare career in one place.

Open Access Workplace Based Assessments

Make your experience count: open access digital Case Based Discussions, Mini-CEX, Direct Observation of Procedural Skills

Store your certficates: one place, forever

Fed up changing where you store the evidence for your portfolio? Store certificates from Courses, Conference and Presentations in MedAll: one place forever.

Collect Teaching, Patient and Multi-Source Feedback

Collect and manage your digital Multi-Source-Feedback/Team Assessment of Behaviour (360), Teaching and Patient feedback in a single place.

Procedural and Case Logbooks

Finally, a digital logbook that is nice to use. We help you collect your procedural/operation and case history, get it signed off by supervisors easily, and see a summary quickly.

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Open access for healthcare professionals and students, everywhere.