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Choi Xian Hung

Acute Internal Medicine

I'm a final-year medical student at the University of Edinburgh with a passion for medical education. I have experience as a project lead and tutor in academic workshops for the Asian Medical Student Association. I'm interested in internal medicine, specifically acute medicine, cardiology, and stroke medicine. I also enjoy reading, movies, cooking, and traveling.

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Dr Okeke Collins Chinedu

Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine

I have a passion for anaesthesiology and intensive care. I have been recognised for exceptional work in education through the MedAll Exceptional Educator Award. I have also served in several leadership positions, including as a Special Assistance to the Nigeria Medical Students Association president and the Anaesthesiology team lead for SIGAf. In my free time I enjoy playing and watching sports.

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Dr David J. O'Regan

Cardio-thoracic Surgery, Senior Editor ✨

I worked as a Cardiac Surgeon for 20 years and was Past Director of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers of the RCSEd. Currently, I'm a Visiting Professor at Imperial College, working on an online Master's in Surgical Education program. I've developed 22 years of acclaimed PAR Excellence cardiac surgery courses and founded the Black Belt Academy of Surgical Skills, which has over 3200 followers worldwide.


Balamrit Singh Sokhal


I'm currently pursuing an MPhil degree as an intercalating medical student at Keele University. My interests are focused on clinical outcomes research, medical education, and health technology. Outside of medicine, I'm passionate about sports, graphic design and music.


Musawenkosi Phiri


I'm a fifth-year medical student at Uzhhorod National University in Ukraine, with research interests in cardiac surgery and surgical oncology. I am affiliated with the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Greece and the Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland. My hobbies include traveling, reading, and writing.


Dr Chris Grieco

Clinical Radiology

I'm a UK-based Doctor, forager, aspiring radiologist, and educator. I enjoy learning about nature and technology and collaborating with others. Some of my hobbies include reading, running, hiking, and foraging for wild edible mushrooms.


Dr Maria Prayle

Core Surgical Training

I'm an FY2 Doctor in the Northwest of England with a keen interest in surgery. I'm passionate about accessible medical opportunities and I'm the current Events Lead for the Widening Participation Medics Network. In my free time, I enjoy expressing my creativity through sketching, painting, and creating infographics.


Dr Tamara Fernandez


As a Resident Medical Officer, I am currently exploring healthcare in Australia, after previously living in Chile and Cuba. In my free time, I enjoy immersing myself in nature and exploring the intricacies of the world around us. As an avid chocolate enthusiast, I appreciate the sweeter things in life.


Gabriele Marija

Emergency Medicine

I'm a first-year medical student at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. I previously completed LLB and LLM courses in law in the UK. In addition to my studies, I work on projects aimed at tackling information accessibility, quality of education and access to justice. I also enjoy creating plant-based recipes, reading, and practicing ice-skating.


Matilda Gardener

General (Internal) Medicine

I'm a third-year medical student at Bristol Medical School with an interest in GI and respiratory specialties. I'm passionate about making learning opportunities accessible to all, and I support systemic structural change within medical education to promote equity among students. I'm also the Managing Director and President of the CLICendales Society, which raises money for Young Lives Vs Cancer.


Dr Steven Gopaul

General Surgery

I am a NHS Junior Doctor with a passion for surgical and medical education. I have given over 10 lectures to undergraduate medical and physician associate students, and I'm heavily involved in national and international student societies. Currently, I serve as a Vice-chair of Education at the BAPIO Young Doctors Forum and hold a Patron position at UIMS. In my free time, I enjoy sports and aviation.


Dr Olalekan Adepoju

General Surgery, Senior Editor ✨

I'm a Higher Specialty Trainee in general surgery with a tripartite career in surgical practice, clinical research, and medical education. I bring vast cross-cultural team-working experience as a strong advocate for equality and diversity. As an Honorary Associate of the School of Medicine at the University of Aberdeen, I'm interested in emerging advances in integrative surgical care and expanding my network with researchers in this field.


Catherine Dominic

Infectious Diseases

I'm a final year medical student in London with an interest in infectious diseases and microbiology. I founded the first national undergraduate conference in infectious disease and immunology and I've delivered over 10 national teaching programs. I'm committed to global health and equity and have held various leadership roles in this area. I'm also an avid bookworm, aspiring chef and average artist.


Charlotte Woltynski


I'm a final year medical student with an interest in neurology. I previously completed a psychology degree at Warwick before pursuing medicine. I'm passionate about accessible education and equal opportunities in medicine. In my free time I enjoy surfing, snowboarding and spending time with my dog, Frank.


Jeremy Cheong


I'm a final-year medical student at Newcastle University. I am thrilled to be working and collaborating with everyone, and I hope to curate exciting content for students worldwide. My passions are neurosurgery and medical education, and I aim to remove barriers to quality education.


Dr Maanya Bhardwaj


I'm a Junior Doctor with a passion for ENT and plastic surgery. I joined MedAll to motivate students from all social groups to become Doctors. I'm excited to work with MedAll to provide resources for Junior Doctors and organise events. Outside of medicine, I love netball, baking, and relaxing with friends.


Dr Julia Zahra


I'm a Doctor currently practicing in Malta, where I was also born and raised. As an outdoors enthusiast, I enjoy spending my free time by the sea, traveling, and being with loved ones. I value a healthy work-life balance and believe it's essential for longevity in any career.


Dr Deelan Vadher

Plastic Surgery

I'm a London-based Junior Doctor with a passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery. I founded the NPO, United International Medical Schools to broaden participation in medical education and was awarded the MedAll Exceptional Educator Award. In my downtime, I enjoy coding, DJing, and sketching.


Dr Dhananjay Mukherjee


I'm a Foundation Year 2 Doctor in Leicester, with a passion for psychiatry and holistic health. I aim to provide high-quality and accessible education. In my free time, I enjoy fitness, reading, playing the guitar and I'm currently working on improving my statistics skills.


Olivia Nwosu


I'm a third-year Leicester medical student considering becoming a GP or rheumatologist. I'm involved in research and enjoy presenting at conferences. I'm also interested in pursuing a post-graduate degree in medical education. In my free time I love reading thrillers and watching Prison Break.


Minal Zaman Cheema


I'm a fourth-year medical student from Islamabad, studying at Fazaia Medical College. I'm also the president of Fazaia Surgical Society, a student-led organisation. I'm passionate about surgery and plan to pursue surgical oncology in the UK after my undergraduate training. I also enjoy philosophy books, medical TV shows, and video editing.


Lok Pong Cheng

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

I'm currently a medical student at the University of Buckingham, located at Warwick Hospital. I have a particular interest in orthopaedic surgery. In my free time, I enjoy backpacking during holidays and both listening to and writing music.

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James Zhang

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

I'm a final-year medical student and co-chair of SUPTA-UK. Over the past 2 years, I have supervised pre-clinical anatomy and organised an international teaching course. I’m passionate about clinical research, and have published papers in lower limb trauma, and peer reviewed for several journals. Outside of medicine, I enjoy watching American football and baseball, playing sports and reading history.

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Francis Adegbite


I am a fifth-year medical student at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice, Slovakia. Prior to this, I graduated in Biomedical Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University. I am passionate about making medical education accessible, and I'm a football fanatic.


Dr Aqua Asif


I’m an Academic Foundation Doctor with a passion for urology and clinical education research. As a member of the BURST Research Collaborative, I'm a contributor to research that aims to improve patient outcomes. I'm also involved in various prestigious organisations such as ASiT Council, NSTS, NIHR Incubator for Clinical Education Research, 123 SFP and ASME. Outside of medicine, I love gaming and spending time with family and loved ones.

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