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Implement a custom digital logbook, portfolio of learning, workplace based assessments and digital dashboard for your healthcare training.

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One Solution. Every training tool your organisation needs.

Digital Logbook

Deploy a customised logbook, helping your healthcare professionals to log the cases and procedures they are participating in.

Portfolio of Learning

Help your staff to keep a record of their training, e.g. courses, presentations, appraisals and CPD/CME and its evidence, such as certificates.

Workplace Based Assessments

Easily deploy custom competency assessments for your staff. Assessments can be "signed off" with a digital fingerprint of the assessor.

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Your customisable logbook.

Add the fields and procedures/cases you want to record

Choose from a list of procedures, cases or competencies you want your staff to evidence, or add your own. Decide which fields you would like your staff to record or add your own: from drop downs to tick boxes.

Digitally verify procedures or cases

You can choose if you would like procedures to be verified by a senior member of staff. Users can submit one or multiple procedures to their supervisor for approval using a "digital fingerprint."

Save time with summaries

Users can see a summary of the procedures or cases they have participated in. Users can submit their logbook to your organisation's faculty for approval. Organisations can see detailed or "at a glance" information on the progress of trainees.

Customise and deploy workplace based assessments.

Customise workplace based assessments

Easily deploy workplace based assessments with your choice of domains and rating scales. If evidence changes to suggest a better structure or format of assessment, easily update or change your assessments

Supervisors can quickly and easily verify assessments

Our "Quick Verify" function allows supervisors to "sign off" assessments in a trusted and verified way, without even having to log in.

Powerful summary information

Our "Smart Keyword" function allows institutions to see "at a glance" the types of cases that trainees and students are seeing.
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One Comprehensive Portfolio of Learning for your staff.

Record all training and documentation in one account

Staff can record the entirety of their training (and its evidence like certificates) in one place: publications, teaching, courses, employment/experience, research.

No uploading! Simply forward certificates to a magic email.

No more uploading. Users can simply forward emails containing certificates or evidence to a magic email and they arrive their portfolio.

Record supervisor meetings and appraisals

See a comprehensive overview of staff members learning in a single place, making supervisor meetings and appraisals simple.

Reflective diary

A reflective practice diary helps staff to structure their thoughts and reflections.

Your organisation: in one dashboard

Manage your training programme or course from a single dashboard.

Onboard staff & trainees
Customise assessments
Customise your curriculum
Assign supervisors
Summaries of trainee progression
Audit staff competencies
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Built around the needs of healthcare organisations.

MedAll was built by healthcare professionals with the specific needs of healthcare organisations in mind. We understand the unique requirements of healthcare and are determined to help you deploy the best possible training tools for your students and staff.

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Built for busy healthcare professionals.

We understand how demanding a job in healthcare can be. It's why we have designed our training tools to be beautifully simple to use and we've packed them full of time-saving features.

Democratising access to the same great healthcare training technology.

Our mission is to drive improvements in healthcare training internationally. We want to make great training technology accessible to every healthcare professional, regardless of where they live, regardless of what job they do.


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